Kindle Self Publishing Tips

Tim Ferris and Ryan Buckley

A few days ago I read an amazing post by Tim Ferris about Kindle publishing. Actually it was an interview he did with Ryan Buckley, but it was an incredibly comprehensive piece of information and one of the best Kindle articles I’ve read in a long time. Between the two of them, they talked about everything related to kindle, from writing, formatting and most importantly, marketing and promotion.


When it comes to self publishing with Kindle, or any other of the self publishing platforms available to authors these days, you should be aware that the potential for success is great – and without being overly negative, the same is true of the opposite. There are so many factors to consider and if you don’t get them all correct, your results might not be what you were expecting. The interview which you can see on Tim’s blog is a superb ready reference for anyone who can’t afford to purchase one of the Kindle training courses that are currently in the marketplace. With the exception of a few of these courses, they are mostly regurgitated rehashes of ‘same ole’ so it was refreshing to see this excellent information provided for free.

What it CoversKindle Fire

Aside from the basic information, it really provides some useful insights about marketing and promotion of your book/books as well as the importance of building ad establishing a relationship with your readers and fans. Without this, you will likely struggle in the self publishing arena and this type of information is what you generally don’t find in most Kindle courses.


You should have a read of this interview if you are interested in being successful.

If you are interested in taking a Kindle course, Geoff Shaw has one called ‘Kindling’ which he has added to and religiously updated as changes in the Kindle marketplace have occurred. As well as providing great information, it is also insane value for money. Geoff himself, in case you don’t know him, doesn’t have tickets on himself and is the most genuine  no BS teacher out there when it comes to Kindle. You can find ‘Kindling’ here.

Getting Started With Article Marketing

Getting Started With Article Marketing

A frequently ignored promotional method by company owners is article marketing. When completed correctly and frequently, it can actually boost the level of visitors your web site receives.  While this migh not be as effective as it was a few years ago, it is still a viable method. Below are several suggestions to get you started with article marketing.

You shouldn’t allow lack of skill or lack of ideas prevent you from getting started writing your content material. Once you begin writing and the mojo starts flowing, you may be surprised by the amount of things you want to say. Don’t be concerned about the quality of the content at this stage because you can change it later and delete out any material you are not happy with.


You can be imaginative with what you write and the main thing is to write interesting content that a reader will be interested in reading. Ignore this at your peril if you are serious about retaining and/or building your readership. You can change your writing style or your perspective so as to keep the subject matter interesting and relevant for your target audience. Your readers are more likely to try to look for new content material from you if you do that.

If you are writing about your products or services, always use proper information rather than specific keywords and phrases. You can though typically tag the page using a key phrase for SEO purposes, but your customers want to read  actual information regarding the product. Articles ‘stuffed’ full of keywords are very likely to  detract from your content and prevent a potential customer from really understanding what you have to offer.

Commence with an structure of what you need to say in your article which will help you organize your ideas. Then make the most of the points you have defined to generate the main body of your content. When you write distinct and effectively planned articles, your target audience will appreciate it.

One extra thing you can do is to write a second version of your article, or have someone else do it for you. You will need to make certain this next article incorporates key phrases to optimize, is distinct and is of as excellent a level of quality as the very first one. Be sure to compose a compelling writer’s resource box that contains two backlinks for your web site, one aimed to your main site, and one towards the original write-up. You need to then give your write-up to Once your post is published there, you’ll have your own personal author’s RSS feed and every accepted article will appear on your unique feed.


When you have finalized your article but are trying to find titles, do a keyword search to learn the words people are trying to find. You should not use keywords that do not coordinate with your post. If your write-up is about residence upgrades, it’s best not to use keywords related to food preparation.

Article marketing is dependent on planning and we trust the advice provided right here will help you. Obtaining more site visitors for your web site and an increase in earnings can be accomplished and using these strategies can be effective if you use them correctly. The bottom line with articles is always going to be their quality though and if you don’t get it right, don’t expect to accept it.